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UFASH 'Lucy & Luca' Semi-Opaque Unisex Tights
[UFASH 'Lucy & Luca' 40D Tights]


These new 40 denier semi-opaque unisex tights from UFASH of Austria are an excellent product. Once removed from the, rather useful, resealable plastic wallet they come in, they are nothing special to look at; they have a reinforced brief and toes, conventional seams and a standard centre gusset - nothing out-of-the-ordinary here, or so it would seem. The build quality is good; the skin-tone colour Tan is nice (the Black is, well, Black!), but when you put them on, you realise these are a very high quality product. They are amazingly comfortable, the fabric feels extremely silky and has just the right amount of sheen; they are neither too shiny nor too matte - a nice look. So far, the evaluation samples have undergone a fair number of wash/wear cycles with no noticable degradation, nor any laddering; it would seem they are fairly durable.

An excellent product; the only changes we would make would be to have flat seams throughout the range, and maybe more colour choices, like a lighter skin-tone (Beige) and maybe a nice Grey. But really, no complaints here - we really like them!
Date Added: 25/10/2011 by First4 Legwear
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