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Thigh-Highs, Stockings & Socks

Thigh-highs are similar to stockings except that they require no suspenders etc., to keep them up. Some people prefer them to tights as they obviate the need for two layers (underwear and tights) around the wearers' bottom, so are cooler in the nether regions. They can give a great look with shorts or miniskirt!

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Doyeah 0918 Sheer Stockings

The new 0918 10-denier Sheer Stockings from Doyeah are their first offering in the Stockings and Thigh-highs category. The silky fabric is comprised...


Doyeah 1901 Suspenders

Doyeah Style 1901 Set of 4 Suspenders for stockings/thigh-highs. Does not require suspender belt; attaches directly to underwear. Material = plastic....


F4L 1010 Opaque Thigh-Highs

First4Legwear 1010 Opaque Thigh-Highs. One size, to fit heights up to 6ft (185cm). Velvety fabric, with reinforced band around top of leg, and...

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F4L 1015 Opaque Cotton Thigh-highs

The new Model 1015 Unisex opaque 'nisokkusu' from First4Legwear are a classic design based on the famous over-the-knee stockings which are known and...

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F4L 1020 Unisex Opaque 'Shima-socks'

The Model 1020 'Shima-socksu' striped opaque thigh-highs from First4Legwear are a classic design, but based on the famous 'Shima-socksu'...

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F4L 1030 Unisex Cotton 'Shima-socks'

The new Model 1030 'Shima-socksu' striped opaque 'nīsokkusu' from First4Legwear are a classic design, but based on the famous 'Shima-socksu'...

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F4L 1040 Cotton 'Loose Socks' for Cosplay

The First4Legwear 1040 'Loose Socks' unisex Japanese-style cosplay socks are an exact replica of those famously worn by many anime and manga heroines...


F4L 1050 3-stripe Over-the-Knee Socks

The First4Legwear 1050 '3-stripe kneesocks' unisex Japanese-style cosplay socks have been famously worn by many anime and manga heroines of the last...

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F4L 1060 'Tabi' Socks

First4Legwear Style 1060 Unisex Japanese 'Ninja' style 'Tabi' Socks, with separate big toe. Ideal for cosplay, or wearing with flip-flops....

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